Chef Training

Illawarra Prime Alpaca invite you to have your Chefs trained to work with Alpaca Meat. We currently provide one or two day training events depending on the number of Chefs and the depth of training you require.

An example of a general run sheet is set out below. This can be adjusted to suit the needs of participants.

9.00am: Farm visit – The beginning of Illawarra Prime Alpaca

This will consist of an alpaca farm visit situated at Berry or if the large meat farm is of interest, that requires a drive out to Binda (near Crookwell). A talk about how Illawarra Prime Alpaca started and the beginnings of Australia’s Alpaca Meat Industry, this then moves onto the requirements of Alpacas and their sustainability.

9.30am: Farm tour – Sustainable Alpaca Paddock to Plate

We take a tour of an alpaca farm, discuss alpaca’s environmentally friendly attributes, health benefits, abattoir and carcass information.

11.00am: Wharf Rd Kitchen – Cooking with Alpaca

Meet and greet with talented Chef David Campbell, who has worked under some of Australia’s best Chefs including Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong and Tetsuya Wakuda. David will demonstrate the butchery of an alpaca carcass, techniques for cooking alpaca and a general discussion with the Chefs on the flavour profiles and benefits of cooking with alpaca and some Q & A time. This cooking time can evolve depending on the Chef’s needs and how much training is required.

1.00pm: Wharf Rd Kitchen – Lunch

We complete this unique experience with an amazing alpaca degustation lunch.

Contact us for more information.