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Alpacas are a relatively new farm species to Australia, having arrived as recently as 1987. But they have a long and noble history in the culture and economy of South America, where they have been domesticated as the sheep of the Andes for over 6000 years.

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In the barely three decades since their introduction to Australia, Australian breeders have applied to alpacas those same principles of breeding and husbandry which they applied to the Spanish Merino in the previous 200 years, establishing international standards for excellence in meat and fleece production. Today, Australia is poised to lead the New World in the production of high quality alpaca fleece and meat.

The qualities which make fine alpaca fleece and lean alpaca meat so special have long been secrets known only to their native Andean owners, but are qualities now increasingly understood and valued by mainstream Australian breeders and broadacre farmers, who see an exciting future in breeding and further refining the New World alpaca.

Illawarra Prime Alpaca is the first of those breeders to recognise and develop the commercial future for large scale alpaca farming, based on the integrated production of high quality lean meat, fine and uniform fleece, and quality pelts for local and overseas markets. The enterprise is underpinned by ongoing science-directed breed development, driven by selective breeding and advanced reproductive techniques, and producing stud and seed stock for the alpaca industry.

Share in the pleasure and excitement of this emerging player in the Australian agricultural landscape: savour the taste, rejoice in the softness, and share in the luxury of New World Alpaca: Illawarra Prime Alpaca.


More and more talented chefs are discovering how delicious and versatile alpaca meat is. Find some of them listed here.

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Prime Cuts

From tenderloin to a rolled shoulder, there is a prime cut of alpaca to suit every recipe. Discover them all here.

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News & Media

We are not the only ones that find alpaca meat exciting. Catch up with all the latest news and events here.

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Recipe Videos

Chef David Campbell prepares five alpaca favourites from the menus of his restaurants, Wharf Rd. and The Hungry Duck.

Before opening The Hungry Duck in Berry a decade ago, David Campbell had worked in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants. As an early advocate, Prime Alpaca has been working closely with David as he continues to develop more stunning ways to prepare alpaca. Here area few a few of his favourite recipes.

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Feature Restaurant

No one has been more of a flag bearer for Alpaca meat in Australia than Alejandro Saravia of Pastuso in Melbourne’s CBD.

Alejandro brings his South American heritage to all aspects of his cooking. Having grown up with the strong flavours and variety of Peruvian cuisine, Alejandro finds inspiration in the fond memories of his grandmother’s cooking to bring the essence of Peru to light through food.

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So many ways to enjoy Alpaca.

Prime cuts are not the only way to enjoy the great taste of Alpaca. Prime Alpaca has developed a range of mince products like Kofta Sticks and hamburger patties that are lighting up pub menus around Australia as well as smallgoods, pate and even Asian steamed buns


Alpaca liver pate is a revelation. Smooth and creamy and surprisingly close to traditional duck liver pate.


A delicious, rustic salami made in the traditional style. Peppery and full flavoured. Ready to slice your way.


Once you start eating this delicious jerky, you will not be able to stop. Available in both traditional and Teriyaki varieties.


Who doesn’t look a good, spicy chorizo sausage? We certainly do and we think that the mild flavor of alpaca adds that something special.

Kofta Sticks

A perfect quick and nutritious meal to prepare. Our perfectly seasoned kofta sticks will add some new interest to any menu.

Gourmet Sausages

Always a favourite but with extra twist, alpaca sausages are lean and full of flavor. We add rosemary and garlic to make them extra special.

Hamburger Patties

Liven up you burger menu with something outside the box. Alpaca burgers are always a huge success on any pub menu.

Steamed Buns

Developed with input form our chef David Campbell, these delicate Chinese-style steamed buns are bursting with flavour.