Versatile and delicious Alpaca

Chef David Campbell prepares five alpaca favourites from the menus of his restaurants, Wharf Road and The Hungry Duck

Anticucho Alpaca Cutlets

Inspired by South American street food. Anticucho is a marinade that is used in Peruvian street food cooked on a wood fired bbq.

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Tataki of Alpaca Sirloin

Tataki is a style of Carpaccio and suites the soft texture of alpaca perfectly. The Japanese/Puruvian fusion continues with the spicy miso, yellow chilli and truffle powder.

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Tempura Alpaca Tenderloin

This is such a delicate and exquisite dish. Buttery alpaca tenderloin rolled in nori paper and lightly cooked in a tempura batter. Served with edamame and tobiko.

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Braised Shoulder of Alpaca

Braised shoulder of alpaca, iceberg lettuce, kimchi and sriracha. A sort of South American version of San Chow Bow.

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Alpaca Neck End Osso Bucco

If you think you have tated great Osso Bucco, wait till you have tried it with Alpaca neck rosettes! Perfectly served with a bread crumb gremoulata and Peruvian potato salad.

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