Prime Cuts

Prime Alpaca provides all the traditional prime cuts great chefs are used to, racks, strip loin, sirloin etc. Plus few that are unique to the alpaca like our unique Neck Rosettes, perfect for Osso Bucco. We are a nose to tail supplier so nothing is wasted.

We’re currently unable to supply meat – due to lack of availability and high prices across the industry.

We apologise for the inconvenience and will let you know when this situation changes.

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Recipe Videos

Chef David Campbell prepares five alpaca favourites from the menus of his restaurants, Wharf Rd. and The Hungry Duck.

Before opening The Hungry Duck in Berry a decade ago, David Campbell had worked in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants. As an early advocate, Prime Alpaca has been working closely with David as he continues to develop more stunning ways to prepare alpaca. Here area few a few of his favourite recipes.

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So many ways to enjoy Alpaca.

Prime cuts are not the only way to enjoy the great taste of Alpaca. Prime Alpaca has developed a range of mince products like Kofta Sticks and hamburger patties that are lighting up pub menus around Australia as well as smallgoods, pate and even Asian steamed buns.


Alpaca liver pate is a revelation. Smooth and creamy and surprisingly close to traditional duck liver pate. Flavoured with ???


A delicious, rustic salami made in the traditional style. Peppery and full flavoured. Ready to slice your way.


Once you start eating this delicious jerky, you will not be able to stop. Available in both traditional and Teriyaki varieties.


Who doesn’t look a good, spicy chorizo sausage? We certainly do and we think that the mild flavor of alpaca adds that something special.

Kofta Sticks

A perfect quick and nutritious meal to prepare. Our perfectly seasoned kofta sticks will add some new interest to any menu.

Gourmet Sausages

Always a favourite but with extra twist, alpaca sausages are lean and full of flavor. We add rosemary and garlic to make them extra special.

Hamburger Patties

Liven up you burger menu with something outside the box. Alpaca burgers are always a huge success on any pub menu.

Steamed Buns

Developed with input form our chef David Campbell, these delicate Chinese-style steamed buns are bursting with flavour.