Tataki of Alpaca Sirloin with spicy miso, yellow chilli and truffle powder

Ingredients (10 portions)

500g Alpaca back strap25g garlic puree

50g yellow chilli puree (bulls horn chilli or yellow capsicum)

50ml extra virgin olive oil

50ml lemon juice


50g white miso

10g roasted garlic

15g sriracha15ml mirin15ml sakePinch sugar


50g tapioca multidextrin

25ml truffle oil

1 punnet micro watercress



Trim alpaca backstrap of all sinew. Rub with garlic puree, season with salt. Roll and tie with twine. Quickly seal on hot grill. Wrap in plastic and freeze. Allow 12 hours. Slice thinly on a meat slicer and lay straight onto plates.

Yellow chilli sauce

Whisk together yellow chilli puree, olive oil and lemon juice. Adjust seasoning

Miso sauce

Heat sake and mirin and flame to burn off alcohol, add miso and combine with a whisk. Add pureed garlic, sriracha and sugar and whisk to combine.

Truffle powder

In a large bowl, add tapioca multi dextrin. While whisking multi dextrin, slowly drizzle in the truffle oil. Cover when finished

To Serve

Drizzle miso sauce and yellow chilli dressing over sliced alpaca.

Season meat with a little salt

Place a pinch of micro watercress in 3 piles around the plate.