Braised shoulder of alpaca, iceberg lettuce, kimchi and sriracha


1 alpaca shoulder

2 red onions

4 cloves garlic

100g red chilli puree

1 tblsp toasted cumin seeds

2lt beer2 lt brown chicken stock

100ml sriracha

100g kimchi


Lightly rub the shoulder with vegetable oil and a little salt. Place in a baking tray and into a hot oven (250’C) Roast until dark golden brown. Combine onions, garlic, chili and cumin in a pot. Fry gently, add beer and chicken stock and bring to simmer. Adjust seasoning. Pour stock over alpaca shoulder. It should be just about covered. Cover with baking paper and foil in place iin oven (160’C) for 2 hours then turn the meat and cook for a further 2 hours. When it’s ready the meat should fall from the bone. Remove Alpaca from braise and allow to cool. Pull apart the meat into small chunks. Reduce braise by half and pass through strainer.



500g long red chili (or jalapeno)
125ml white vinegar
50g garlic
200g sugar
100ml water
2tsp xanthium gum


De-seed chilies and chop fine. Combine chili, garlic, water and vinegar in a blender and puree until ultra-smooth. Transfer to a saucepan, add sugar and salt and bring to simmer. Skim any foam from the top of the mix. Reduce the mix to thicken and it will turn a dark red colour. Transfer to blender and puree on low so no air gets into the mix. Add xanthium gum and blend till smooth. Check consistency and bottle.



1 baby wombok ? chiffonnade
1 long red chilli ? de seed and diced
100ml rice vinegar
1 tblsp castor sugar
1 tsp sesame oil


Combine the vinegar, sugar, sesame oil and salt to dissolve. Pour over wombok and chili. Cover and leave for 24 hours at room temperature. Place in refrigerator until you are ready to serve.

To Serve

Cut the iceberg lettuce in half to create cups. If you are having trouble getting them apart soak them in cold water and they will separate easier. Place shredded alpaca in reduced braising liquid, adjust seasoning with salt and pepper as required.

You can add a little sriracha if it’s not hot enough. Remove alpaca from the braising liquid using tongues (if you use a spoon there will be too much liquid and it will dribble everywhere).

Place alpaca into lettuce cups. Garnish with a little crispy eschallot and a sprig of coriander. Serve with kimchi and sriracha on the side and add as much or as little as you would like. Eat like sang choi bao.