Illawarra Prime Alpaca has been conceived by Millpaca Alpaca Stud who saw that meat was a integral part of a viable Alpaca Industry.


Whilst initially we have bred Alpacas for their fantastic fleece, obtained some of the best genetics available to breed animals for export and local breeders; it was recognised that to be fully commercial and sustainable we must also have a complete use of the animal. Fleece, Meat and Hides. Thus was born Illawarra Prime Alpaca.


A tremendous amount of planning has gone into this venture to enable sustainability for the future. The gestation period of an Alpaca is 11 1/2 months then they are grown out for a minimum of 18months before they are considered to be of eligible quality for our restaurants and chefs. As you can well see from this we are planning 30 months
ahead at all times.


Alpaca meat is very lean, high in protein, high in iron, low in cholesterol and delivers a beautiful taste between lamb & veal.


A delicacy not to be missed.